Petsmart Hidden Policy Change

We at Curated Cult believe in equal rights and opportunities for all. Within the workforce you should be given the opportunity to rise in the ranks dependent upon your performance. Large chain / corporation pet stores are already on our shit list for their animal practices and support of puppy mills. The following blurb was found on reddit and we felt the need to share amongst you all.

“I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I just want to let something out. I know in the United States that businesses cutting every corner or changing work place policies in a way that detriments workers is pretty common, but I’ve never had it happen to me before.
Yesterday, Petsmart had every store manager have a conversation with their workers through a lunch break about new policies that Petsmart is implementing immediately. They chose a lunch setting to butter them up and prevent them from making a scene. The first thing that the managers were informed of is that every manager minus the store now has to re interview for a lesser position called an associate lead. An associate lead has every power that a manager had but now only works part time and has no benefits at all. This is a big deal for all my store managers as they aren’t remotely wealthy and all of them practically live paycheck to paycheck. One manager finally moved out of her dads (her mom is actually dead, I wasn’t aware) house, another saves small animals and reptiles from houses that can’t care for them, and another has a kid on the way. They rely on those full time hours and the benefits Petsmart gave them.
The thing about this is, Petsmart is no longer a public company, they have no shares and no longer has people to please. They’re a privately ran company bought by a European company that is fully utilizing all of the United States minimum business practices.
If Petsmart found out that someone leaked this information, they would be fired. Petsmart has strictly forbidden this knowledge leaking onto the public. As a Petsmart worker, I heavily recommend boycotting the store and sending complaints about this to the corporation headquarters. This isn’t something the America people should let happen to their fellow working class citizens. I’m trying to start a nationwide strike against Petsmart like Walmart did. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to put this post.
Edit 1: Everyone feel free to repost this to relating subreddits. I dont care if I get credit or not, copy and paste it to get Karma if thats your goal. I can’t post on a lot of subreddits because of my accounts age so I need everyones help. Ive been talking to a lot of my managers and they have all said anyone will be terminated immediately for even mentioning this policy change. Im sorry that a lot of you are mad that I dont have solid evidence, but I will work on it. I just can’t jeopardize my coworkers, that wouldn’t be right or fair to them.
Edit 2: Petsmart is going through these changes in order of their tiers. Tier 1, what my store is, are stores in smaller populated areas and don’t perform as well (even though my store performs incredibly well for its size). These changes are that only two managers have full time. These are the Store Leader (formally store manager) and operations leader (formally operations manager) they are no longer salaried and can only work 40 hours a week tops. Along with this, the petcare managers and the presentation managers have to interview for the associate lead position. The support manager changes to support lead. They only receive part time and no benefits because of it.
Tier 2 are larger stores and their position titles are changing to leads but are temporary keeping full time (their full time will go down to part time probably by the end of the year.
Tier 3 are the largest and best performing stores. They are relatively unchanged and will probably remain that way until tier 2 has fully gone through the changes that tier 1 are going through.”

Source: a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Petsmart’s policies just changed, and they don’t want the public to learn what they did.

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